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In October 2017, Huobi Group started its international strategic layout in an all-round way. Focused on trading services and taking Huobi Global as the center of its global expansion, As a digital assets service provider, Huobi is far ahead of its competitors in establishing a global network of licenses. It has established subsidiary companies and partnership companies in 12 countries, including the U.S., Japan, Thailand, Gibraltar, etc.

  • Huobi Global

    Huobi is a leading global digital asset trading platform committed to exploring opportunities for digital asset trading and related services. It is operated by Huobi Global Team and is providing trading and related services for hundreds of digital asset pairs.

  • Huobi OTC

    Being an OTC digital asset platform with a leading turnover, Huobi delivers services to millions of users in over 130 countries with billions of daily turnover. Supporting fiat-crypto trading in many countries and seamless connecting to crypto-crypto trading, it provides trading of over 100 digital currencies. Being the first platform to deliver 7x24 customer support, it boasts professional services, rapid response and certified merchant security deposits to meet various demands.

  • Huobi Korea

    Headquartered in Seoul, Huobi Korea is a professional and convenient Korean won (KRW) -based digital asset trading platform. By adopting a localized operation mode, Huobi Korea has a full-fledged Korean customer service system to provide users with quality service for exchanging South KRW for digital assets. Also, Huobi Korea is operating 'Huobi Blockchain Coffeehouse' that is a co-working space for blockchain in Gangnam crypto-valley.

  • Huobi Japan

    Huobi Japan is one of Huobi Group's strategic overseas operations. Through acquiring a licensed Japanese cryptocurrency exchange 'BitTrade' in September 2018, Huobi Japan has since been able to provide Yen-to-crypto trading services in a legally compliant manner. In an effort to build a world leading digital asset exchange and with liquidity shared with Huobi Global, Huobi Japan is committed to providing secure, professional and quality services for Japanese users.

Huobi Cloud

Huobi Cloud is a new-generation financial infrastructure solution provider that provides compliant blockchain products and technical support to more than 20 countries on four continents, boosts the application of blockchain, people's livelihood and trade in Argentina, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries, provides users with secure and reliable value network services.

  • Huobi Indonesia

    Huobi Indonesia is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. The local team of Huobi Indonesia aims to provide the best trading experience to Indonesian users. Huobi Indonesia also provides the exchanging facility between Indonesia Rupia and other mainstream currencies in addition to the access to the quality blockchain investments.

  • Huobi Russia

    Huobi Russia upholds the idea of "user first", devoting to provide users a safe, professional, integrity and excellent Digital Asset Services, and at the same time, deeply cultivating in the blockchain industry education and research in Russia to provide early incubation and investment for high-quality projects.
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  • Huobi Argentina

    Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Huobi Argentina has a professional localized team that provides comprehensive Spanish trading services, including fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto. In the future, Huobi Argentina will also actively develop ecological businesses such as blockchain education, Labs project incubation, and mining pools, aiming to become a professional, efficient and secure digital asset trading platform in Latin America.

  • Huobi Thailand

    Huobi Thailand is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Powered by Huobi Cloud and it will operate as an officially regulated exchange, making it possible for citizens and residents to easily buy supported virtual currencies with Thai Bhat and vice versa. Huobi Thailand is the country’s fifth exchange to seal official license to operate a fully-regulated digital asset exchange. The local team of Huobi Thailand aims to provide the best trading experience to Thailand users. Huobi Thailand also provides the exchanging facility between Thai Bhat and other mainstream currencies in addition to the access to the quality blockchain investments.

Huobi China

Huobi Research Institute

Huobi Research is devoted to expanding its research and exploration in all fields of the blockchain. Taking the field of blockchain+ as the research object, the prime target of the Research is to accelerate the research and development of blockchain technology, promote the implementation of blockchain applications, and drive the ecological optimization of the industry. The main research fields of blockchain include the industry trend, technology path, application innovation, mode exploration etc.

Huobi University

Dedicated to promoting the role of blockchain in boosting the real economy, Huobi University is an educational and training institution focusing on the training of blockchain talents with“promoting the application of blockchain and other advanced technologies, and facilitating the in-depth integration of the digital and real economy" as its mission.

Industry Empowerment Center

The Industry Empowerment Center, is a professional blockchain solution provider of Huobi China, committed to promoting the integration and development of blockchain technology and the real economy with new business thinking and new value concepts. By combining the technical characteristics of the blockchain and the actual business scenarios and needs of various industries, we can customize personalized solutions for enterprises, and provide comprehensive guidance from strategic positioning, application solutions to technology implementation.

Huobi Labs

Huobi Labs is a blockchain project incubator that aims to create a blockchain “Sinovation Ventures”. To support more innovative projects that empower the industry by blockchain technology, we provide funds, business models, technology, marketing, human resources, legal, training, and other related resources and services. While bringing new vigor and vitality into the industry, we empower the blockchain and entity economy application scenario to have further implemented.

Ecological Layout

Huobi Mining Pool

As a sub-brand of Huobi Group, Huobi Pool is an important component of Huobi’s global ecological strategy. It covers Stakingbusiness, POW business and public chain technical service provider. As the largest POS community in the Asia-Pacific region, a leading POW mining pool and a node for various public chains, Huobi Pool is dedicated to providing one-stop financial services and solutions for all types of token holders.

Huobi Chat

Huobi Chat is the social network service platform oriented towards the era of blockchain and an autonomous social network in the future. Huobi Chat combines the advantages of the social network, Huobi Group and global ecosystem platform. It is established with an aim to achieve free communication, fair incentives and interconnectivity of upstream and downstream industry in the digital assets society. Based on blockchain encryption and consensus mechanism, it can connect Users and partners, and provide the digital enthusiasts worldwide with social, sharing, markets, information, e-commerce, games, entertainment, and other one-stop services. Meanwhile, , we introduce third-party content and service providers through the IM open platform to build the global ecology of Industry and activate the flow.

Huobi Wallet

Huobi Wallet upholds the mission of helping users realize the secure storage and efficient custody of digital assets. Huobi Group has leveraged many years of experience in the blockchain and encryption technology to safeguard users' digital assets and provide them with convenient and reliable custodyservices. In addition, Huobi Wallet is a safe, reliable and convenient digital wallet integrating markets of multi-chain assets, cross-chain exchange, DApp, and other functions.

Huobi News

Huobi News is a one-stop blockchain service platform that integrates industry news, information, markets, data, community, etc. It is a super data connector in the Huobi ecosystem connecting upstream and downstream ecological partners through big data aggregation and recommendation of the intelligent algorithm. It creates a decentralized, free, equal, and community-based network of content value in the blockchain industries so that all nodes in the Huobi ecosystem, as well as all competent users and KOL can become content producers. With Huobi News, the industry's most important data will be spread to users at first hand.

Huobi Capital

Focused on blockchain venture and own funds capital, Huobi Capital is a core member of Huobi Group's digital asset ecology. We believe that blockchain is not only a technical means to reduce costs and improve efficiency but also a social tool to reconstruct the basis of production relations and trust.

Huobi Global Ecosystem Fund

Huobi Eco Fund is the ecosystem of Huobi Global which regards trading platforms as its core business and Huobi Token as its global ecological token. It focuses on the ecological investment and cooperation of the upstream and downstream of the global blockchain industry. Established in February 2018, Huobi Eco Division is responsible for the planning and implementation of Huobi’s global ecological strategies.

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