As a world-leading company in digital economy industry, Huobi Group was founded in 2013 with a mission to making breakthroughs in core blockchain technology and the integration of blockchain technology and other industries. Huobi Group has expanded into public chain, digital assets trading and wallet, mining pool, proprietary investment, incubation, Digital Asset Research etc., and established a global digital economy industry ecosystem, by investing in over 60 upstream and downstream companies in the blockchain industry. Huobi Group is working with Argentina, Russia, Thailand, Nigeria and many other countries on the development of blockchain technology and real-world blockchain applications.

As a digital assets service provider, Huobi is far ahead of its competitors in establishing a global network of licenses. It has over 1,300 employees and established subsidiary companies and partnership companies in 12 countries, including the U.S., Japan, Thailand, Gibraltar, etc. The Huobi team is dedicated to providing safe, professional, trustworthy, and world class services to its global clients across 170+ countries.

  • 2013Year
    In September, · Huobi is established;
    In December, · Huobi became one of China's largest digital asset trading platform with a cumulative turnover of over 30 billion RMB;
  • 2014Year
    In April, · Huobi became the world's largest digital asset trading platform with a cumulative turnover of over 120 billion RMB;
    In April, · raised investment from Sequoia Capital;
  • 2015Year
    In April, · Huobi sponsored the "Digital Asset Research Project" at the Internet Finance Laboratory of Wudaokou Finance Institute of Tsinghua University (formerly the Graduate School of the People's Bank of China);
  • 2016Year
    In December, · Cumulative turnover of Huobi Group reached 2 trillion RMB;
  • 2017Year
    In October, · Huobi initiated its global strategic layout by establishing Huobi Korea Team and putting it into official operation;
    In December, · Huobi completed its business layout in Japan with the Group's cumulative turnover exceeding 850 billlion USD;
  • 2018Year
    In August, · the Group acquired Pantronics Holdings Ltd (01611.HK), a Hong Kong-based listed company.
    In December, · Cumulative turnover of Huobi Group reached 2 trillion USD;
  • 2019Year
    In April, · Huobi Global 24-hour trading volume for spot market reached Top 1 (According to CoinMarketCap);
    In June, · Huobi announce plan for Huobi Chain together with Nervos to build infrastructures for financial market;
  • 2020Year
    In August, · Huobi established DeFiLabs for DeFi research, investment/incubation, and ecosystem building

Team Members

Leon Li

Chairman, Founder&CEO

Leon Li is founder and CEO of Huobi Group. As an alumnus of Tsinghua University’s Department of Automation, Leon became an early pioneer and a serial entrepreneur in the field of financial technology. Before establishing Huobi Group in 2013 and building it into one of the world’s leading providers of financial services in digital assets, Leon was a computer engineer at Oracle, the world’s largest database provider.

  • Robin Zhu

    COO Chief Operating Officer

    Robin Zhu is in charge of the Operation Center Management of Huobi Group, who has rich experience on Corporate Management, Practical Data Analysis and Operational Management. He has worked for Oracle and Capgemini Consulting before. He also has solid experience and in-depth research in the blockchain industry, and a unique insight on blockchain security and big data application.

  • Simon Wu

    CSO Chief Security Officer

    Simon Wu, the CSO of Huobi Group, is currently in charge of company security and risk control management. Before joining Huobi, Simon previously worked at Didi Chuxing, NSFOCUS, international consulting firms, and government institutions, where he has gained extensive technical research and management experience regarding information security, business security and rick management.

  • Roy Zhu

    CTO Chief Technology Officer

    Mr. Roy Zhu is in charge of the management of Huobi's technology center. He has rich working and management experience. He was the partner and senior vice president of Jinshan Cloud, the senior technical expert of Alibaba, the head of Taobao's local life business, and the head of the product technology center of Youku. During his tenure at Alibaba group, he led a team as a technical expert responsible for the research and development of Taobao's core system. As a senior technical manager, he served as the chairman of Youku product technical committee.

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