GLobal Business
  • Huobi Global

    A leading digital asset trading platform that provides trading and related services for hundreds of digital assets.

  • Huobi Korea

    A Korean won (KRW)-based digital asset trading platform. With localized operations and a sound Korean service system, Huobi Korea provides users with professional, quality and convenient services for South KRW and digital assets exchanging. Besides, Huobi Korea opened the "Huobi Blockchain Coffeehouse" in the Gangnam crypto-valley.

  • Huobi Japan

    In September 2018, Huobi Group acquired Japan's licensed crypto asset exchange "BitTrade" (registered No. 00007), thereby providing Japanese users with professional, safe and quality crypto asset trading services.

Huobi China

Huobi China

With the vision of "building a one-stop platform for blockchain + related industry services", Huobi Group empowers the global economy with blockchain technologies by leveraging its advantages and resources in the industry accumulated over the years. By doing so, it helps the blockchain industry develop in a healthy and orderly manner, self-upgrade continuously, and make contributions to other industries.

Huobi China is engaged in five major professional services including consulting, research, training, technology, and incubation. The Huobi Research Institute aims to comprehensively expand research and exploration in various fields of blockchain. Huobi Education delivers education and training services to help the blockchain industry empower the global economy. Huobi’s Industry Empowerment Center promotes the implementation of new blockchain technologies. Huobi Labs serves as a blockchain innovation workshop, with four business segments to build a one-stop platform for blockchain + related industry services.

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Huobi Pool

As a sub-brand of Huobi Group, Huobi Pool is an important component of Huobi’s global ecosystem strategy. Pool covers Staking and POW businesses and has become a world leading POS and POW pool. As a node for many public chains, Huobi Pool is dedicated to providing one-stop technological services and solutions for various digital asset enthusiasts.

Huobi Wallet

Huobi Wallet is a professional DeFi wallet for blockchain 2.0, supporting over 20 types of digital assets and thousands of tokens including BTC, ETH, HECO, BSC, EOS, and more. By integrating extensive DApp interfaces, Huobi Wallet helps users easily manage multi-chain assets and track the income of DeFi mining. Huobi Wallet allows users to manage their private keys independently. Powered by the Huobi security team, Wallet aims to provide a professional, safe and easy-to-use digital wallet for users.

Huobi Ventures

Huobi Ventures is the global investment department of Huobi Group. It has four functions including strategic mergers and acquisitions, strategic investment, asset management, and external cooperation, and manages multiple special funds. Ventures aims to promote Huobi Group's global business with the power of capital, and to help Huobi Group grow together with its global partners in a win-win manner.

Huobi Chat

Created by Huobi Group, Huobi Chat is a chat software intended for the blockchain industry. With groups + community at its core, it provides a wealth of community/group management and operation tools and the latest and most comprehensive industry news, building a convenient interactive platform for blockchain enthusiasts, investors and project stakeholders. Huobi Chat integrates and accurately recommends community, market quotation, information, activities, and contents, leading the forefront of the industry developments. Social networking empowers digital currency assets, and information circulation promotes value circulation.

Huobi Charity

Affiliated to Huobi Group, Huobi Charity is the world's first blockchain charity platform that accepts donations in both fiat currency and digital currency. Huobi Charity officially obtained the Gibraltar Charity License (registered No. 324) on January 11, 2021, and is under the supervision of the Gibraltar Charity Commissioner.

With the attitude of "traceable information and technology integration into daily life", Huobi Charity aims to establish a new blockchain-based charity ecosystem, providing new forms for traditional philanthropy. At the same time, it makes information transparent, open and traceable through customized blockchains.