Trading Platform

Huobi Global

Headquartered in Singapore, Huobi is a leading global digital asset trading platform committed to exploring opportunities for digital asset investment. It is operated by Huobi Global Team and is providing trading and investment service for hundreds of digital asset pairs.

Huobi OTC

Being an OTC digital asset platform with a leading turnover, Huobi delivers services to millions of users in over 130 countries with billions of daily turnover. Supporting fiat-crypto trading in many countries and seamless connecting to crypto-crypto trading, it provides trading of over 100 digital currencies. Being the first platform to deliver 7x24 customer support, it boasts professional services, rapid response and certified merchant security deposits to meet various demands.

Huobi Korea

Headquartered in Seoul, Huobi Korea is a professional and convenient won-based digital asset trading platform. By adopting a localized operation mode, Huobi Korea has a full-fledged Korean customer service system to provide users with quality service for exchanging South Korean won for digital assets.

Huobi Australia

Huobi Australia is a partnership between Huobi Group and Blockchain Global, the local blockchain and crypto industry leader in Australia. Registered with the government body AUSTRAC, it offers Australian Dollar to cryptocurrency exchange services. Aim to be the leading brand in Australia, Huobi Australia is committed to bringing best blockchain and crypto technology, products and service to Australia.


HADAX is an autonomous digital asset exchange launched by Huobi Global and a brand new sub-brand of Huobi Global. HADAX provides services to professional digital assets investors and creative digital assets that are in their early stage. HADAX only checks the authenticity and legality of projects and hands over the listing rights to the users. Users can vote using HT, and the digital assets with the highest number of votes will be listed on HADAX.

Industry Research

Huobi Research

Huobi Research was established in April 2016 and has expanded its research and exploration in all fields of blockchain since March 2018. Taking the field of blockchain as the research object, the Research is an industry think-tank organization whose main purpose is to accelerate the research and development of blockchain technology, promote the landing of blockchain applications, and drive the ecological optimization of the industry.

Huobi News

As an integrated professional information service platform for blockchain vertical domain research, Huobi News focuses on providing advanced blockchain technology R&D, application news, industry consulting, and education for mainland Chinese users.

Blockchain Service

Huobi Capital

Huobi Capital is a core member of Huobi Group's digital asset ecology, focusing on the blockchain industry venture capital. We believe that blockchain is not only a technical means to reduce costs and improve efficiency but also a social tool to reconstruct the basis of production relations and trust. By investing in leading entrepreneurs in the industry, we hope to support the development of core technologies in the blockchain industry and promote blockchain as a value-based Internet infrastructure.

Huobi Global Ecosystem Fund

Founded in 2018, Huobi Global Ecosystem Fund is an eco-industry fund that focuses on the upstream and downstream development of the global blockchain industry. Its first phase of the size is $200 million. The Fund relies on the Huobi Token as the core of Huobi Ecology, joins hands with the top teams in the industry worldwide, and opens Huobi Group's global resources through the form of investment while sharing the resources of ecological partners. It lets the forces generated by win-win cooperation continue to break through our own touchable borders and works together to build a thriving global ecosystem in a blockchain world.

Huobi Labs

Huobi Labs is headquartered in San Francisco, USA. Huobi Labs is led by a group of experienced experts in the blockchain industry dedicated to serving early-stage startups. With the strong backing of Huobi, Huobi Labs will provide selected blockchain projects with resources including industry contacts, technology advisory services, capital supports, trading liquidity and related services.

Huobi Mining Pool

Huobi mining pool is the first mining pool platform which integrates the digital currency mining and trading. Its main functions include mining pool, wallet, one-click trading, hedging, cloud hashrate, etc utilizing multiple distribution models including FPPS. It connects the mining earnings to Huobi Global account and integrates output, trading and withdrawal. Fees can be paid by Point Cards. Flexible mining enables freely switching between BTC and BCH mining pools. Risk-free hashrate hedging makes users obtain the mining income in advance through mortgaging the hashrate.

Huobi Wallet

Huobi Wallet is a light wallet that supports multiple currencies. Huobi Wallet’s operations and management team leverage many years of experience in blockchain and encryption technology. With exhaustive security measures, put in place to protect user assets and support storage of all digital assets, Huobi Wallet also aims to provide the ultimate experience when it comes to convenience and ease-of-use.

Huobi Chat

HotTalk is the social network service platform in blockchain era, which aims to realize free communication, secure transaction, fair incentive, and interconnection of upstream and downstream industry in the digital assets society. Based on blockchain encryption technology and consensus mechanism, it links consumers, investors and project teams, providing one-stop services such as social networking, sharing, exchange, payment, market, information, e-commerce, games, entertainment and so on for the global digital world fans. Meantime, through the IM open platform, we introduce third-party content and service providers to build the global ecology of crypto and chain world and activate the flow of trillion-scale digital assets. This is where you start your digital life.

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